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15-16 Maggio 2024

ELGIP meeting at the Politecnico di Torino

It was a great pleasure to host colleagues from the European Large Geotechnical Institutes Platform this last week at the Politecnico di Torino and to exchange experience and share ideas for the future of geotechnical engineering.
The intensive programme included working group meetings for the 'sustainability' and the 'energy geostructures' teams, the Board meeting and a workshop on the resilience of mountain environments.
Alessandra Insana and Amirreza Pourfatollah presented, on behalf of our research group, the status of the research on the use of fiber optics for mountain environment protection and on the adoption of a machine learning-based approach to study climate change effects on landslides.

9 Maggio 2024

Upscaling energy tunnels: from proof-of-concept to citywide implementation

Alessandra Insana will illustrate the research activities on energy tunnels at the DISEG seminars today.

Abstract: Shallow geothermal energy is a key low-carbon, renewable technology to mitigate climate change and answer the inexorable increase in global energy demand driven by world population growth and the pursuit of a higher quality of life. Among the ground-source heat pump systems, energy geostructures are geotechnical structures that extend the conventional structural role to the one addressing energy challenges of our century by being equipped with heat transfer pipes so that they may act as a ground heat exchanger. In this 

context, this talk will unveil the research carried out and currently ongoing in the field of energy tunnels, describing the steps that led from a proof-of-concept project to large-scale implementation. Such a journey entailed and still entails several challenges, often multidisciplinary, to be dealt with. The goal is to uncover the potential of energy tunnels to produce thermal energy for conditioning of buildings, cooling of tunnel air, or de-icing of infrastructures and to emphasize the critical role of geotechnical engineers in taking full advantage of this technology.

24 aprile 2024

Optialp: una fibra ottica per contrastare gli effetti delle valanghe

L'articolo dedicato alla ricerca collaborativa tra DISEG e DET sui sistemi di detection per le valanghe e le colate detritiche pubblicato sull'ultima newsletter Polito per le imprese:

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